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Alison Cairns

As SCVO's head of development, Alison oversees a range of teams including SCVO's office in Inverness; European affairs including European policy, projects and European funds; business development; and human rights and inequalities. She is actively involved with SCVO's sister councils across Europe to influence the European environment and support active particpation and civil dialogue with European governments.

Blogs by Alison Cairns

February 22, 2016 : Alison Cairns

UK & EU’s date with destiny is set

Alison on why you might have missed Cameron's EU deal ... MORE>

May 13, 2015 : Alison Cairns

Come talk social innovation in Europe with us

September 10, 2014 : Alison Cairns

Can Europe convince us it will change?

There have been big changes in the European Commission but will that lead to a new way of doing things?... MORE>

May 21, 2014 : Alison Cairns

We could learn a thing or two from Slovenia & not just about beekeeping

Slovenian civil society is seeing great results from its much more direct challenge to the private sector ... MORE>

December 16, 2013 : Alison Cairns

Have your say on the future of European Structural Funds

The future of European structural funds has reached a critical stage and I want to draw your attention to the latest update and consultation from the Scottish Government.... MORE>

November 25, 2013 : Alison Cairns

Which European government is involving the third sector best in the structural funds?

Let’s make the high-level arguments by using the tools at our disposal in a way we haven’t ever done before.... MORE>

June 19, 2013 : Alison Cairns

The future of European Funding never ends well

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