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Chris Yiu

Chris was Director of Digital Participation at SCVO, leading our work to help everyone in Scotland to benefit from the internet, and to boost digital capability in Scotland's third sector.

Blogs by Chris Yiu

December 7, 2015 : Chris Yiu

New digital training and support framework now open for submissions

Can your organisation provide digital inclusion training or assisted digital support? You've got until 18 January to get on the new UK government supplier framework.... MORE>

September 22, 2015 : Chris Yiu

Let’s talk about digital participation

And all of the opportunities and challenges ahead for the people we care about.... MORE>

July 17, 2015 : Chris Yiu

Charities! Enter the Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards 2015

The search is on for the best use of digital by a Scottish charity or social enterprise. What are you waiting for?... MORE>

July 6, 2015 : Chris Yiu

Digital participation in action

Hot off the press: our first annual report on digital participation in Scotland.... MORE>

March 16, 2015 : Chris Yiu

Platform power

Ever wondered what people at SCVO get up to on the internet? Here are some of our favourite digital platforms, as voted by our staff.... MORE>

January 5, 2015 : Chris Yiu

New year, new website

We built ourselves a new website in a day. Here's how it's done... MORE>

November 24, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Digital Scotland Festival, Glasgow Edition

In which Team Digital returns to rock SCVO's annual Third Sector Summit.... MORE>

October 13, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Digital participation in Scotland: the strategy is delivery

It's the UK's 8th national Get Online Week, and we're giving things an extra push in Scotland too... MORE>

September 3, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Digital participation: what’s next

It's been a busy summer for Team Digital. Here's what's coming up and who's doing what.... MORE>

July 16, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Can you help us count digital skills and capabilities in Scotland?

In God we trust. Everyone else, bring data.... MORE>

July 4, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Be Good, Be Social… Be Digital

Digital is changing our world. Here are three big themes for third sector leaders to think about... MORE>

June 23, 2014 : Chris Yiu

ND14: Empowering people

In which we take the challenge of digital participation to the UK's digital leaders... MORE>

June 16, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Talking about community digital participation

Notes from the latest meeting of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Digital Participation... MORE>

May 29, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Digital skills and human connections go hand in hand

Helping people use the web is a complement, not a substitute, for other efforts on social inclusion... MORE>

May 14, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Introducing Milo

Here's a quick primer on an important part of Scotland's third sector digital infrastructure... MORE>

May 8, 2014 : Chris Yiu

A digital agenda for Europe

And how participation and digital skills are central to jobs, growth and inclusion... MORE>

May 6, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Digital Participation: Three weeks, three strategies…

...and all the right noises, but actions speak louder than words... MORE>

April 16, 2014 : Chris Yiu

This is for everyone

Reflections on the UK Government's new Digital Inclusion Strategy... MORE>

April 8, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Letter from Holyrood: Digital Participation

Highlights from the Scottish Parliament's Cross-Party Group on Digital Participation... MORE>

April 1, 2014 : Chris Yiu


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: summarise this post in 140 characters or fewer... MORE>

March 24, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Bootstrapping a charity website

It's easier than ever to get a great website up and running. Here are two excellent free tools to get you started.... MORE>

March 19, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Public sector digital: what does the future hold?

Here's one possibility: a world where user needs come first, and where no one is left behind... MORE>

March 12, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Digital participation in Scotland: the £100 million question

1.3 million people in Scotland don't have basic online skills. It's time to tackle this head on.... MORE>

February 11, 2014 : Chris Yiu

Digital participation at The Gathering

There’s just over a week to go to The Gathering, the annual two-day get-together for everyone working in or with Scotland’s third sector.... MORE>

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