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Craig Wilson

Craig Wilson is SCVO's Parliamentary Public Affairs Officer

Blogs by Craig Wilson

December 8, 2017 : Craig Wilson

The art of the (Brexit) deal

November 17, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Alcohol Pricing – No Silver Bullet

November 14, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Brexit – The Withdrawal Effects

September 7, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Programme for Government: A brave new world?

August 15, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Brexit: The end of the beginning

July 12, 2017 : Craig Wilson

You can keep your olive branch

June 9, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Election 2017: Who’s Smiling?

May 22, 2017 : Craig Wilson

SCVO: Le voyage à Bruxelles

May 16, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Local Election Tea Leaves

April 19, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Snap General Election ‘17

Once more unto the breach... MORE>

March 27, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Indyref and Brexit: do charities have a duty to pick a side?

A burden of responsibility for Scotland’s third sector... MORE>

February 15, 2017 : Craig Wilson

Human Rights expert encourages third sector call to arms on Brexit

Civil society can play a huge and unique role... MORE>

February 1, 2017 : Craig Wilson

What kind of United Kingdom is emerging?

The future looks far from clear, but Scotland’s third sector may be uniquely placed to influence post-Brexit direction... MORE>

January 17, 2017 : Craig Wilson

What’s in store for 2017?

Casting an eye on the big policy issues for Scotland's third sector... MORE>

November 24, 2016 : Craig Wilson

Little to be happy about in Chancellor’s budget

Third sector reaction to the Autumn Statement... MORE>

November 1, 2016 : Craig Wilson

Millennial misery

It's time for bold thinking to close the gap between the old and the young ... MORE>

September 8, 2016 : Craig Wilson

Scotland’s programme for government and the third sector

Analysis of the big issues for charities and voluntary organisations ... MORE>

August 29, 2016 : Craig Wilson

Human rights are for everyone

As SCVO launches its #RightApproach campaign, we take a look at the popular misconceptions surrounding Human Rights and why they remain as important and relevant as ever... MORE>

July 8, 2016 : Craig Wilson

Brexit: where are we now?*

*Disclaimer: No one knows!... MORE>

June 24, 2016 : Craig Wilson

As Brexit triumphs, what now for Scotland?

We're in unchartered territory and the future looks uncertain... MORE>

June 17, 2016 : Craig Wilson

A pitiful and senseless crime

With the murder of Jo Cox we have lost a bright and talented public servant.... MORE>

May 27, 2016 : Craig Wilson

Taking Scotland forward, but by what route?

With most of the formalities behind us, business has begun in earnest... MORE>

May 18, 2016 : Craig Wilson

Busy week ahead in Holyrood

Changes afoot with new ministerial appointments looking likley... MORE>

May 10, 2016 : Craig Wilson

Election analysis: a night of some surprises

SCVO's new Public Affairs officer Craig Wilson on the aftermath of #SP2016... MORE>

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