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Felix Spittal

The main focus of Felix’s policy work with SCVO is to help promote the role of the third sector in community empowerment. This includes areas such as regeneration, community assets, The Crown Estate, community planning and community energy. He also works on a range of other subjects from housing regulation to charity law and other compliance issues. In addition he contributes to the policy officers network, the national intermediaries network and attends meetings with MSPs and Scottish Government officials. He is based in SCVO’s office in Inverness.

Blogs by Felix Spittal

February 1, 2016 : Felix Spittal

Charities, the Lobbying Act and the Holyrood election

New rules on Lobbying will affect charities in the run up to May 2016... MORE>

December 16, 2015 : Felix Spittal

Fundraising Review – next steps

Update following the summit in November... MORE>

October 14, 2015 : Felix Spittal

Is SCVO opposed to transparency?

Policy Officer, Felix Spittal questions whether the new report ‘Holyrood exposed – a guide to Lobbying in Scotland’ is a helpful contribution to the debate on lobbying transparency in Scotland.... MORE>

September 3, 2015 : Felix Spittal

Programme for Government 2015-16

Policy Officer Felix Spittal looks at the 2015/2016 Programme for Government and gives his view on what it means for the third sector.... MORE>

August 17, 2015 : Felix Spittal

A distorted view of the charitable sector

The sector Ian Bell writes about in his article ‘What next: chuggers fundraising for the NHS?’ is definitely not one that I recognise or one that will be familiar to the people who work and volunteer for charitable organisations.... MORE>

May 5, 2015 : Felix Spittal

The Lobbying Act – an obscure footnote in election history?

With #GE2015 just two days away Felix wonders if this will be the first and last election affected by the Lobbying Act. ... MORE>

January 13, 2015 : Felix Spittal

Charities won’t be pushed out of politics

Despite the introduction of the Lobbying Act, charities refuse to be pushed out of the debate.... MORE>

December 9, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Good times for land reform

The Smith Commission's recommendation to devolve the Crown Estate is an important step, but the proposals for radical land reform announced in the legislative programme show how much can be achieved with existing powers. ... MORE>

September 9, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Community Empowerment Bill needs a shot in the arm

September 4, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Casting off politics to concentrate on knitting

Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Felix and I work in the charity sector.  And as we all know, that means that the only thing I am good for is knitting.... MORE>

August 26, 2014 : Felix Spittal

New water rates exemption scheme announced

The first details have emerged of the new exemption scheme for water rates and it is good news for Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs). ... MORE>

July 16, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Will new rules on charity campaigning affect you?

Thankfully for the vast majority of the sector the answer is likely to be “no”... MORE>

June 18, 2014 : Felix Spittal

A little less engagement, a little more action

Focus on engaging communities rather than enabling community action makes the Community Empowerment Bill frustratingly inconsistent ... MORE>

June 9, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Land reform report & Bill could be a game changer

Now we have a chance to really move forward on land reform... MORE>

May 5, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Shaking up local democracy?

The Commission on Local Democracy’s interim report aims to provide a starting point for the reform of local democracy, but will it end up gathering dust on a shelf or can it deliver real change?... MORE>

April 2, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Can land reform help Scotland become more equal?

Half of Scotland's private land in the hands of a small but powerful group. With changes on the horizon is radical reform finally a possibility?... MORE>

February 10, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Silencing the third sector

The odious stream of negativity targeted at third sector campaigning rumbles on.... MORE>

January 24, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Lobbying bill is a mess beyond amendment

SCVO has consistently called for part two of the Lobbying Bill to be scrapped entirely, as it is clearly a mess that is beyond amendment. ... MORE>

January 13, 2014 : Felix Spittal

Jumping on the lobbying regulation bandwagon would be a mistake for Holyrood

If the proposals to introduce a lobbying register in Scotland go ahead the positive relationship the third sector has with the Parliament will be at risk. This would be a worrying development that runs counter to the participative principles the Scottish Parliament was founded on.... MORE>

November 13, 2013 : Felix Spittal

Searching for Empowerment in the Community Empowerment Bill

The latest consultation on the Community Empowerment Bill reveals the chasm that exists between good policy rhetoric and poor implementation, says Felix.... MORE>

October 14, 2013 : Felix Spittal

Lords must reject threat to charity campaigning

The House of Lords is our last chance to avoid the disastrous implications of the gagging bill, says Felix.... MORE>

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