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Ilse Mackinnon

Ilse is SCVO’s research officer and has a keen interest in building the evidence base on the Scottish third sector to help understand the contribution made by third sector organisations; to provide insight into the sector’s activities, finances and people; and how these have changed over the years. Outside of work she volunteers with a number of charities, and recently completed a postgrad MSc in social research, with a special interest in third sector boards.

Blogs by Ilse Mackinnon

June 6, 2017 : Ilse Mackinnon

Are there enough volunteers to go round?

Third sector forecast for 2017

June 7, 2016 : Ilse Mackinnon

14,000 reasons to celebrate small charities

Here's why people in Scotland love small charities... MORE>

February 17, 2016 : Ilse Mackinnon

Why is public trust in Scottish charities so strong?

82% of people believe most charities are trustworthy... MORE>

August 3, 2015 : Ilse Mackinnon

Why we’re having a fundraising review

Have your say on charity fundraising in Scotland... MORE>

SCVO Briefing – Fundraising

April 20, 2015 : Ilse Mackinnon

Investing in the future

Many may loathe seeing money being spent on fundraising, but investment now will ensure the sector can continue to provide high quality services and projects in the future.... MORE>

March 10, 2015 : Ilse Mackinnon

Why do half of third sector workers want a new job?

Survey shows large numbers of staff want to leave the third sector due to low pay, short-term contracts and stress. ... MORE>

November 20, 2014 : Ilse Mackinnon

Snapshot of charity funding reveals big freeze

November 14, 2014 : Ilse Mackinnon

10 top tips for enticing new trustees

Ten tips on encouraging people to join your board.... MORE>

April 7, 2014 : Ilse Mackinnon

Scottish charity sector grows to £20.8 billion??? We wish!

Ilse Mackinnon takes a look at why the latest round of third sector stats left us scratching our heads.... MORE>

December 12, 2013 : Ilse Mackinnon

A closer look at SCVO’s State of the Sector survey

In the newly released SCVO report into the future health and confidence of the sector, it’s clear that our sector is viewing 2014 with some pretty mixed feelings. ... MORE>

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