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Jenny Bloomfield

Jenny works in SCVO’s policy team, leading our work on finance, tax and funding amongst others. Before joining SCVO in 2013, she worked in public affairs in the third sector. She has a PhD in mathematics.

Blogs by Jenny Bloomfield

October 17, 2017 : Jenny Bloomfield

Greater collaboration needed to improve funding process

September 13, 2017 : Jenny Bloomfield

Get ready for Scottish Lobbying!

June 15, 2017 : Jenny Bloomfield

What isn’t covered by the Lobbying Act?

May 31, 2017 : Jenny Bloomfield

Lobbying (Scotland) Act – Tell me what you need to know!

Official guidance for the Lobbying (Scotland) Act is currently being created - what do you need to see in it?... MORE>

April 25, 2017 : Jenny Bloomfield

Long road ahead to make funding fair

Our new research shows need for funders and the third sector to map out a better system... MORE>

March 27, 2017 : Jenny Bloomfield

We need a new way of doing local government in Scotland

Voters are disengaged from the current system. But how should it be changed?... MORE>

February 20, 2017 : Jenny Bloomfield

Lobbying (Scotland) Act update – part 2

What practical steps should you take now to be ready for the Lobbying Act?... MORE>

January 11, 2017 : Jenny Bloomfield

Lobbying (Scotland) Act update

We share the latest information on Scotland's Lobbying Act.... MORE>

October 26, 2016 : Jenny Bloomfield

Budget and local authority round-up

September 26, 2016 : Jenny Bloomfield

Tax time!

Scottish Parliament inquiry and UK Government consultation are keeping us busy!... MORE>

August 8, 2016 : Jenny Bloomfield

We love UK-wide Big Lottery Funding!

Why is the UK-wide Big Lottery Funding scheme so important?... MORE>

July 27, 2016 : Jenny Bloomfield

A shared vision for the future of social care support

Ambitious plans hatched to improve social care support in Scotland... MORE>

July 19, 2016 : Jenny Bloomfield

Want better local funding? Fill in our survey!

Three years on from SCVO’s last local funding survey, Policy Officer Jenny Bloomfield looks at where we are now and how you can help.... MORE>

March 11, 2016 : Jenny Bloomfield

Will the Lobbying Act affect me?

A look at who'll be affected when new Lobbying (Scotland) Act starts.... MORE>

February 4, 2016 : Jenny Bloomfield

A workable Lobbying Bill?

See what Jenny thinks about the Stage 2 committee session on the Lobbying (Scotland) Bill – which held some surprisingly good news for the sector.... MORE>

December 18, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

Scottish budget highlights for the third sector

Let me take you on a tour of some of the main points of interest for the third sector in the Scottish Government’s draft budget for 2016/17... MORE>

November 5, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

Much for Scotland’s Trustees to be proud of during #TrusteesWeek

How a meeting with Iraqi MPs chimed with #TrusteesWeek... MORE>

October 19, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

Five things I learnt from #SNP15

After three days of busy conferencing in Aberdeen, Jenny's in reflective mood... MORE>

October 6, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

Government to favour bidders who pay the Living Wage

July 27, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

Whose job is it anyway?

If politicians want greater transparency on lobbying, then they need to make the first move... MORE>

April 7, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

What matters to the third sector in #GE2015?

With party campaigning beginning in earnest and ahead of tonight’s Scottish leaders debate Jenny takes a look at our General Election survey results. ... MORE>

March 17, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

An end to in-work poverty?

In the week where the UK Government has announced a 3% increase in the minimum wage, and a 20% increase in the minimum wage for apprentices, we ask whether we will soon see an end to in-work poverty.... MORE>

February 11, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

General election 2015 – let us know your thoughts!

What will matter to you in May? Have your say in SCVO's general election survey... MORE>

January 20, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

Low Pay Britain

Tax dodging and ducking the minimum wage aren’t okay, but they’re happening across Britain today – and we’re all losing out because of it.... MORE>

December 9, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Surprise wins for democracy in Smith Commission

It’s fantastic that the Smith Commission recommends the devolution of power over elections. It looks like votes for 16 and 17-year-olds are coming to Scotland!... MORE>

November 3, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

More employers must pledge to pay the living wage

Increases in the living wage would have more of an impact if more employers were committed to paying it. Our sector has a role to play in leading the living wage revolution.... MORE>

September 19, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Referendum a victory for democracy

Yesterday we showed that politics is not just for politicians. Let us carry that momentum forward.... MORE>

August 27, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Charity mergers – lessons from Monty Python

July 10, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Government must try harder on voter participation

How could a consultation about improving voter participation have got it so wrong?... MORE>

May 14, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Will a new duty to reduce inequality make any difference to communities?

New Procurement Act has long way to go to deliver real change... MORE>

May 7, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Let’s build an economy that works for everyone

If we put people at the heart of the economy, growth will follow #economyforall... MORE>

March 13, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Getting it right: Scotland’s democratic process

Is Holyrood functioning well? Yesterday’s Procurement Reform Bill session would suggest not, but changes are afoot.... MORE>

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