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Jenny Bloomfield

Jenny works in SCVO’s policy team, leading our work on finance, tax and funding amongst others. Before joining SCVO in 2013, she worked in public affairs in the third sector. She has a PhD in mathematics.

Blogs by Jenny Bloomfield

March 13, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Getting it right: Scotland’s democratic process

Is Holyrood functioning well? Yesterday’s Procurement Reform Bill session would suggest not, but changes are afoot.... MORE>

January 10, 2014 : Jenny Bloomfield

Why benefits sanctions are all smoke and mirrors

Benefits sanctions might provide a short term fix but they're bad for job seekers and bad for the economy.... MORE>

December 16, 2013 : Jenny Bloomfield

Charity gagging bill must be stopped

December 11, 2013 : Jenny Bloomfield

Why is the third sector using zero hours contracts?

Zero hours contracts are bad for workers and bad for customers... MORE>

October 29, 2013 : Jenny Bloomfield

How £21k makes you rich

Do most people really know how their salary compares to the rest of the UK workforce? Probably not, says Jenny Bloomfield.... MORE>

September 24, 2013 : Jenny Bloomfield

No magic formula for improving voter turnout

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