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John Downie

John leads the public affairs department, including the policy and research team and the communications and campaigns team. He has lead responsibility for SCVO’s internal and external communications and engagement with politicians. John also chairs the board of one of Scotland’s leading social enterprises – Impact Arts – and is a Common Purpose graduate.

Blogs by John Downie

October 4, 2017 : John Downie

Third sector cut out of employability landscape

August 28, 2017 : John Downie

Charity Sector Set to Adopt Brexit Positions

April 25, 2017 : John Downie

Forget campaigning in this election – save your fight for the aftermath

Ideas for a better world won't get a hearing in an election on Brexit... MORE>

April 10, 2017 : John Downie

Brexit stakes are high for Scotland’s third sector

What next for charities and voluntary organisations in light of constitutional upheaval?... MORE>

March 21, 2017 : John Downie

Let’s not box ourselves in when considering Scotland’s future

Brexit and Indyref2 are not the only issues at play when deciding what kind of country we want to be... MORE>

October 13, 2016 : John Downie

The hole in Glasgow’s Brexit plan

People of the city are absent from major new economic report... MORE>

October 10, 2016 : John Downie

Want to make a difference? Join the SCVO Policy Committee

Forum has regular access to highest levels of government, ensuring third sector voices are heard loud and clear... MORE>

February 5, 2016 : John Downie

Chancellor’s employability cash grab may kill Scotland Bill

The UK Government's stunt around employability funding is insulting to people in Scotland, explains John... MORE>

November 19, 2015 : John Downie

Don’t let the UK Government steal this opportunity for our sector

Michael Grade or Jackie Bird - who would you chose to regulate fundraising in Scotland?... MORE>

October 15, 2015 : John Downie

Alan Yentob and Kids Company board are a disgrace

Appearance before MPs is damaging to whole third sector... MORE>

October 13, 2015 : John Downie

What you can do about Facebook tax avoidance

If you're appalled, then you’ve got to shout about it... MORE>

October 2, 2015 : John Downie

Reasons to join SCVO policy committee

Excellent opportunities to set the third sector policy agenda ... MORE>

July 14, 2015 : John Downie

Fundraising problems can’t be allowed to silence the third sector

Media stories about poor fundraising practices suit the welfare cuts agenda... MORE>

July 9, 2015 : John Downie

Osborne’s political triumph will be a social and economic disaster

Budget will devastate people and families most in need... MORE>

April 30, 2015 : John Downie

Manifestos don’t matter in #GE2015

John blogs on why most people don't read manifestos.... MORE>

March 4, 2015 : John Downie

A competitive economy can be a fair one too

October 20, 2014 : John Downie

For Scotland’s economists inequality is the new sexy

John wonders why economic thinking in Scotland is so far behind the curve... MORE>

September 10, 2014 : John Downie

Yes or no? I still don’t know

Like many of us I won’t decide to say yes or no to independence until I'm in the voting booth... MORE>

July 28, 2014 : John Downie

People just don’t think voting matters

June 4, 2014 : John Downie

Failing to be radical with welfare is failing us all

John Downie responds to the second report from the Expert Working Group on Welfare. It’s a strong start, but if we don’t aim for more radical change, we all lose... MORE>

March 27, 2014 : John Downie

Is Labour still a voice for people living in poverty?

Only 13 Labour back benchers voted against plans to cap welfare. Can the party still claim to represent vulnerable people?... MORE>

March 10, 2014 : John Downie

How do you solve a problem like poverty?

In the race for economic growth we have forgotten about people and communities. ... MORE>

January 30, 2014 : John Downie

Scotland will change regardless of referendum outcome. Are you ready?

There is nothing permanent except change - Heraclitus ... MORE>

January 22, 2014 : John Downie

No surprise referendum will hinge on the economy

December 4, 2013 : John Downie

Procurement bill missed opportunity for people and communities

John Downie blogs on the failings of the Procurement Bill to include the Living Wage and to help people and communities.... MORE>

November 20, 2013 : John Downie

An economy for people not just for business

Economic strategy shouldn’t be an experiment just about growing the economy. We need a solution that considers people, their happiness and their jobs.... MORE>

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