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Kate Wane

Having worked at the Scottish Parliament for four years, Kate joined the SCVO at the beginning of 2014. Her main focus is Public Service Reform but Kate also leads for the SCVO on digital public service delivery and universal services. Kate completed her Masters in Ancient History in 2009 and has previously worked as a tour guide in a number of top Edinburgh tourist attractions.

Blogs by Kate Wane

November 13, 2015 : Kate Wane

The Scotland Bill: improving but must try harder

November 3, 2015 : Kate Wane

New Scotland Bill Amendments

Kate takes a look at the UK government's amendments to the Scotland Bill 2015-16 and asks if they deliver all that's been promised. ... MORE>

October 6, 2015 : Kate Wane

A third sector voice for Holyrood 2016

We’re crowdsourcing a third sector manifesto and we want your help... MORE>

September 25, 2015 : Kate Wane

How can the third sector shape new powers?

Kate blogs about this week's #ScotlandBill event reflecting on what delegates heard from the Secretary of State for Scotland and what role the third sector has in shaping new powers. ... MORE>

August 24, 2015 : Kate Wane

Shaping the Scotland Bill

One year on from the referendum on Scottish independence, Kate Wane reflects on where we are at in terms of third sector policy... MORE>

June 8, 2015 : Kate Wane

Scottish Charity Awards are a reminder what my work‘s really about

The Charity Awards highlight the great work of our sector and give much needed, very welcome, recognition of the hard work Scotland’s third sector organisations do.... MORE>

May 29, 2015 : Kate Wane

Disappointing lack of progress in new Scotland Bill

Among the pomp and ceremony of the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday was the announcement of the Scotland Bill 2015. This was followed quickly by a loud thud on Thursday as the Bill hit my desk.... MORE>

April 14, 2015 : Kate Wane

Top ten #GE2015 issues for the third sector

Last week Jenny highlighted what issues were most important to the third sector in this election. In this blog Kate looks at how that’s changed compared with 2010.... MORE>

March 31, 2015 : Kate Wane

#GE2015 is a Go!

Kate hears the Thunderbirds theme tune and gets a little overexcited as the countdown to May 7th begins. ... MORE>

December 10, 2014 : Kate Wane

Opportunity knocks with the #smithcommission

With Smith giving powers over job support to Scotland there’s a huge opportunity for the third sector to show off what it can do. ... MORE>

November 3, 2014 : Kate Wane

Smith Commission: cabin fever, thank yous & what’s next

Submitting a coordinated third sector response to the Smith Commission is just the beginning...... MORE>

September 16, 2014 : Kate Wane

The vast potential of digital public services

More public services are going digital. It’s time to ask “what would you like to do online?” Let’s be ambitious!... MORE>

September 12, 2014 : Kate Wane

#BigBigDebate: Chance to hear young voices better late than never

The #BigBigDebate was a rare opportunity to find out what young people in Scotland have to say about the referendum. And it didn’t disappoint.... MORE>

September 1, 2014 : Kate Wane

No ice buckets for me please

June 3, 2014 : Kate Wane

Can we trust the opposition parties to implement their devolution promises?

The Scottish Conservatives have set out their plans for more powers if Scotland says No on 18 September... MORE>

April 10, 2014 : Kate Wane

#SNP14: Will we find substance behind the rhetoric?

This weekend’s party conference is a chance for the SNP to demystify what independent Scotland could do about poverty.... MORE>

March 14, 2014 : Kate Wane

Tory conference: Protests, pandas and the Prime Minister

Can the Tories make the case for the Union while fending off attacks on Westminster policy?... MORE>

February 13, 2014 : Kate Wane

We want public service reform! When do we want it? Erm…

Kate asks whether the Scottish Government needs to set a deadline for public service reform.... MORE>

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