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Lynn Williams

Lynn Williams moved to SCVO in May 2012 following almost three years lobbying to improve the lives of Scotland’s carers at The Princess Royal Trust for Carers. Previously, Lynn worked for Careers Scotland and Skills Development Scotland with a wide portfolio including equality, operational planning, and staff engagement in planning for service delivery. Lynn is an unpaid carer and continues to work in her own time to raise the issues affecting carers across Scotland. She recently became a member of the expert working group on welfare.

Blogs by Lynn Williams

August 17, 2015 : Lynn Williams

Compassion in social security – just a dream?

There are no guarantees that Scotland would create a more compassionate and caring benefits system says Lynn; we will need to fight for a different approach.... MORE>

July 21, 2015 : Lynn Williams

We must group together and fight what’s to come

Lynn reflects on the Welfare Reform Bill as UK Government announces £20 billion further cuts... MORE>

July 9, 2015 : Lynn Williams

Poor bad, rich good says Osborne’s budget

July 8, 2015 : Lynn Williams

#Budget2015: staying silent is not an option

Lynn critiques the planned social security cuts and calls on activists to stand tall and fight back... MORE>

July 2, 2015 : Lynn Williams

Kick-starting a collective plan to fight inequality

It's time for those most affected by benefit reforms and austerity measures to have their say ... MORE>

June 10, 2015 : Lynn Williams

Carers Week legacy – better social care

Carers Week hides the challenges facing social care and unpaid carers and its legacy must be a review of a fractured care system.... MORE>

May 29, 2015 : Lynn Williams

It could have been much worse…

Yet ideologically driven policy and blaming the poor are the marks of the first Queen’s Speech from this majority Conservative Government.... MORE>

May 11, 2015 : Lynn Williams

The end of social security?

The reappointment of Mr Duncan Smith to "finish the job he started" has sounded the death knell for even the most basic of social security safety nets. Lynn reflects on the vital need for civil society to stand up and challenge what is to come.... MORE>

May 6, 2015 : Lynn Williams

Subliminal messages perpetuate the scroungers myth

Lynn reflects on the fact that disability and caring have rarely featured in #GE2015 and the continued stigmatisation of people in poverty.... MORE>

April 22, 2015 : Lynn Williams

Manifestos matter – but keeping promises matters more

SCVO has pored over the main party manifestos in Scotland to save you time. Lynn blogs on manifesto madness and the fact that people remain cynical - at best - about election promises. ... MORE>

April 8, 2015 : Lynn Williams

Stepping up the debate

Policy and passion must be the mantra for the leadership debate tonight.... MORE>

December 10, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Seeking hope in disappointment post-Smith Commission

In good faith, we hope to see opportunities to create a more empowering approach to social security, post Smith... MORE>

December 4, 2014 : Lynn Williams

The human cost of welfare reform

A new report from SCVO highlights the human cost of welfare reform - and it is a price too high to pay.... MORE>

November 26, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Why governments must face up to the failure to tackle inequality

Lynn argues that Government needs to face up to its failure to tackle inequality, both at Holyrood and at Westminster.... MORE>

November 19, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Make tackling inequality our national purpose

Lynn blogs in advance of the Tackling Inequality event at this week’s SCVO Third Sector summit on the opportunities for change ... MORE>

October 27, 2014 : Lynn Williams

#benefitsbritain: hoping for more than another cheap shot at claimants

Hopefully tonight's Benefits Britain programme will expose the major problems around Universal Credit rather than taking another cheap shot at claimants. ... MORE>

October 17, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Challenging poverty & challenging ourselves

As Challenge Poverty Week draws to a close, Lynn issues a call to arms... MORE>

October 7, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Stop kicking people when they’re down

Our politicians are denying people a decent life and we can’t let them get away with it... MORE>

September 23, 2014 : Lynn Williams

The No result and the future of welfare reform

What does last week's referendum result mean for Scottish organisations dealing with the impact of welfare reforms in their communities?... MORE>

July 29, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Make your vote count

The referendum’s legacy could be closer links between people and politicians ... MORE>

July 2, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Face up to poverty

Tackling poverty once and for all can be the legacy of the referendum debate... MORE>

June 20, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Can’t shout loud enough about the scandal of poverty in Scotland

Policymakers must take heed of insight provided by people living in poverty in the Turning Up The Volume On Poverty report ... MORE>

May 14, 2014 : Lynn Williams

#stephensstory: How one young man touched our hearts & raised millions

Stephen’s Story is one of a truly brave and inspiring young man who will help people for generations to come ... MORE>

March 26, 2014 : Lynn Williams

#benefitcap: civil society must keep fighting unjust policies

The coalition might win the battle but we won’t let them win the war.... MORE>

March 5, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Poverty is alive and well, and in a street near you.

Being unable to heat your home, being unable to buy food, living with debt – this is the reality that thousands of people wake up to each morning. ... MORE>

February 10, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Poverty isn’t a spectator sport

Lynn blogs about the need for more compassion and understanding in advance of tonight's Dispatches: Benefits Britain and Benefits Street.... MORE>

January 7, 2014 : Lynn Williams

Benefits Street: Another victory in the propaganda war on “scroungers”

Channel 4's latest documentary adds to the dangerous anti-benefits rhetoric.... MORE>

December 17, 2013 : Lynn Williams

Why activism and campaigning matter now more than ever

October 16, 2013 : Lynn Williams

Challenge Poverty Week – a chance to reflect and to act

Challenge Poverty Week is a great opportunity to put poverty in the spotlight, banish stigma and share ideas taking on welfare reform challenges, says Lynn.... MORE>

August 15, 2013 : Lynn Williams

One big, happy family under the same roof?

Could several generations sharing a home make for happier, more supportive and better connected communities?... MORE>

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