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Ruchir Shah

Calm and reflective, Ruchir has been the head of SCVO's policy team since 2008 and maintains an overview of third sector policy interests in Scotland. He leads on SCVO’s policy work on the economy, charity tax, digital and international agendas.

Blogs by Ruchir Shah

December 20, 2016 : Ruchir Shah

Finally, a plan to shift health and care to community approaches

Third sector must ensure prevention remains paramount... MORE>

November 26, 2015 : Ruchir Shah

What the autumn statement means for Scotland’s third sector

Scoping out the winners and losers in Chancellor's spending review... MORE>

November 24, 2015 : Ruchir Shah

Spending review likely to be slashfest

What we're looking out for in #spendingreview... MORE>

November 10, 2015 : Ruchir Shah

A time of transitions and new agendas

Securing change in a vast and varied policy landscape ... MORE>

September 30, 2015 : Ruchir Shah

Contributing to society and the big #employability debate

Empowerment in focus in latest #employability special... MORE>

February 19, 2015 : Ruchir Shah

Welfare reform – finding hope in crisis

Ruchir discusses the need to change our approach to welfare reform mitigation in the face of increasingly negative mainstream party lines. ... MORE>

December 9, 2014 : Ruchir Shah

How will devolving income tax affect Gift Aid?

Ruchir explores the implications of the Smith Commission report for Gift Aid, VAT rebates, and the social investment tax relief scheme.... MORE>

June 17, 2014 : Ruchir Shah

Government must stop trying to gag charities

Over the last week a new chapter has opened in the attack on civil society's campaigning role, and not in China or Russia but right here in the UK... MORE>

May 26, 2014 : Ruchir Shah

UKIP’s rise shows attitudes in Scotland not actually that different to rest of the UK

What does having UKIP in Scotland mean for the third sector?... MORE>

April 28, 2014 : Ruchir Shah

The economy: from inequality to extreme evolution

New arguments for rethinking our economy are emerging and they range from the sublime to the ridiculous.... MORE>

March 24, 2014 : Ruchir Shah

Where was the third sector in Lamont’s party speech?

Johann Lamont's big conference speech was rhetorically impressive but does local government really equal community empowerment?... MORE>

December 6, 2013 : Ruchir Shah

Nelson mandela – his legacy is our legacy

Ironically passing on the night of the launch of his biopic, many more will now take the time and space to reflect on his life and unrivalled legacy.... MORE>

November 25, 2013 : Ruchir Shah

White paper no knight in shining armour

If Scotland’s future is based on a done deal made behind closed doors away from people and communities, then what’s the point?... MORE>

September 12, 2013 : Ruchir Shah

A sticking plaster approach to the budget?

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