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March 13, 2017 : Ruth Boyle

Have your say in the Code of Fundraising Practice consultation

Sign up for an event in a city near you... MORE>

March 1, 2017 : Ruth Boyle

Your organisation and the apprenticeship levy

A one-stop guide to the levy, covering potential costs and key things to consider... MORE>

February 10, 2017 : Ruth Boyle

How can we tackle the disability employment gap?

As the UK Government try to close the gap, our sector is vital... MORE>

January 16, 2017 : Ruth Boyle

It’s time to apply for your water rates exemption

Applications are now open for the Scottish Government’s exemption scheme... MORE>

December 19, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

Wishing a fond farewell to the dreaded anti-advocacy clause

New grant making standards will replace gagging clause - but what do they mean?... MORE>

November 21, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

It’s time to secure the #rightapproach to care

Care Inspectorate consultation is an opportunity to promote human rights in social care... MORE>

October 20, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

There’s more to Brexit than business, just ask the third sector

Until charities have a strong voice in Brexit discussions, the vulnerable will remain voiceless... MORE>

October 18, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

Fairer Scotland should mean fairer employability

As we move from paper to action, practical projects like Community Jobs Scotland are key.... MORE>

September 27, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

How can business rates best support charities?

Rate relief is very important for the third sector in Scotland... MORE>

September 12, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

Scottish Labour Market strategy disappoints

Opportunity missed to promote a modern, flexible approach to our working lives... MORE>

August 24, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

Why can’t Scotland tackle persistent gender pay gap?

Our out-dated, inflexible labour market is a key barrier to equality in employment... MORE>

August 3, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

International development at risk from British business interests

Any use of foreign aid to support post-Brexit trade deals will be shamefull... MORE>

June 29, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

What exactly do we mean by fairness?

We must work together to make sure that the word ‘fair’ has a strong, practical definition... MORE>

June 15, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

Political activities are not only matters for politicians

Many reasons to be positive and a rallying call from International Non-Governmental Organisations conference... MORE>

June 3, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

Why would you study politics? Girls can’t be prime minister!

Another election has failed to achieve balanced gender representation and now the Scottish Parliament must seize the opportunity to promote equality via internal practices.... MORE>

May 25, 2016 : Ruth Boyle

Do we need a new economy to tackle inequality?

Making our economy work for the majority will only succeed if the third sector is a key partner... MORE>

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