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organisations from across the third sector in Scotland

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Sarah Currie

Sarah is our programme manager for the Building Healthier and Happier Communities programme.

Blogs by Sarah Currie

February 12, 2015 : Sarah Currie

Getting better doesn’t always happen in hospital

How we're showcasing the unique ability of third sector organisations to improve health and wellbeing... MORE>

July 23, 2014 : Sarah Currie

We came, we saw & we (are trying to) conquer health inequalities

Communities in East Dunbartonshire are making connections to tackle health inequalities in their area... MORE>

June 3, 2014 : Sarah Currie

Healthier & happier communities are coming

Charities in East Dunbartonshire are getting the help they need to provide more health and social care services in their communities... MORE>

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