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Susan Murray

Susan is Assistant Director Public Affairs at SCVO

Blogs by Susan Murray

November 5, 2015 : Susan Murray

#Trusteesweek – keeping up with our changing world

How developments in technology, politics and society affect the work of trustees... MORE>

July 29, 2015 : Susan Murray

Talkin’ bout a revolution: are U-Lab ready?

U-Lab offers people in Scotland a new opportunity to join a global movement for change ... MORE>

June 25, 2015 : Susan Murray

Can women fit more in?

April 16, 2015 : Susan Murray

The winners in yesterday’s #MicroDay

Which charities got the best leverage from Microvolunteering Day? And how can we make next year even better?... MORE>

April 15, 2015 : Susan Murray

Making the most of #MicroDay

How charities can make the most of microvolunteering day... MORE>

February 12, 2015 : Susan Murray

Be a hero & show a little kindness today

February 10, 2015 : Susan Murray

Let’s really value our values

January 22, 2015 : Susan Murray

Let’s learn to challenge ourselves more

January 7, 2015 : Susan Murray

Are charities losing a generation of leaders?

December 16, 2014 : Susan Murray

A giant leap for volunteering

November 27, 2014 : Susan Murray

More of the same won’t do on volunteering

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