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Tracey Bird

Tracey Bird is an Information Officer with SCVO and manages the enquiry service and SCVO’s free legal and VAT advice services. She writes the information pages on the website, organises regular training sessions for the sector, and contributes to SCVO’s publications. Outside of work she helps Midlothian Young People’s Advisory Service with their fundraising and is on the Parent Council of Lasswade High School.

Blogs by Tracey Bird

September 26, 2017 : Tracey Bird

Five tips to help you prepare for GDPR

June 15, 2017 : Tracey Bird

Youth Philanthropy – learning to give

May 17, 2017 : Tracey Bird

Charity Tax Made Simple

May 5, 2017 : Tracey Bird

Charity bank accounts – have you got the right one?

It's time to check if your charity has the right bank account... MORE>

April 6, 2017 : Tracey Bird

Five ways to decide how much to pay your staff

Money, money, money ... and the easter bunny!... MORE>

March 7, 2017 : Tracey Bird

Five secrets to avoiding charity scandals

How to avoid becoming bad news... MORE>

February 2, 2017 : Tracey Bird

Calling all trustees! Five top tips for the Gathering

Unmissable events for charity trustees... MORE>

January 16, 2017 : Tracey Bird

When setting up a SCIO, sometimes two tiers is better

Find out why the SCIO is such a popular model for charities in Scotland... MORE>

January 9, 2017 : Tracey Bird

It’s time to spring clean your charity’s constitution

Finally, a New Year's resolution you can stick to... MORE>

November 11, 2016 : Tracey Bird

Trustees share top tips

A video to round off #trusteesweek 2016... MORE>

November 7, 2016 : Tracey Bird

Ten things every trustee needs to know

Calling all trustees - here's your guide to what really matters... MORE>

September 13, 2016 : Tracey Bird

Bored with your board reports?

You need to build better governance... MORE>

June 20, 2016 : Tracey Bird

Trustees need to be more strategic to build better governance

Our new training programme can help you get things right... MORE>

June 7, 2016 : Tracey Bird

Your chance to build better governance

Introducing our new training scheme... MORE>

May 31, 2016 : Tracey Bird

Understand SCIOs, tiers & all things charity governance-related

... by coming to our free Big Advice Day... MORE>

April 28, 2016 : Tracey Bird

Big Advice Day is coming

Don't miss out if you need help with big issues or solutions to big problems... MORE>

February 9, 2016 : Tracey Bird

Digital delights ripe for the picking

Get going with top treats for charity trustees... MORE>

January 21, 2016 : Tracey Bird

How’s it going with those resolutions?

More top tips to help trustees do a great job in 2016... MORE>

January 6, 2016 : Tracey Bird

New year, new you?

Any New Year resolutions? How about being a more accountable trustee?... MORE>

December 7, 2015 : Tracey Bird

Looking back on Funding Scotland’s first birthday

A round-up of funding fun and insights... MORE>

December 3, 2015 : Tracey Bird

Look no further for fundraising advice

Introducing our new step-by-step guide to fundraising... MORE>

November 4, 2015 : Tracey Bird

How to avoid the naughty step! #TrusteesWeek

As our #trusteesweek blogs continue, the focus is on having a clear understanding of what's expected ... MORE>

November 2, 2015 : Tracey Bird

How to pan for gold and treasure it! #TrusteesWeek

First in a special series of #TrusteesWeek blogs on the rewards of being a charity Trustee... MORE>

October 9, 2015 : Tracey Bird

VAT – it needn’t be taxing!

Ahead of our special workshops on tax and VAT, Tracey shares some key charity finance facts... MORE>

September 2, 2015 : Tracey Bird

Trouble and strife? Try mediation

SCVO's new mediation service can help nip any thorny issues in the bud... MORE>

August 10, 2015 : Tracey Bird

SCVO governance goes international

New support package offers a range of tools for Scottish international development organisations... MORE>

April 16, 2015 : Tracey Bird

Good governance = a happy #GE2015 for charities

Hints and tips on dealing with election fever ... MORE>

February 4, 2015 : Tracey Bird

How your charity can avoid conflicts of interest

Tracey Bird explains that while conflicts of interest can happen on boards, if you deal with them proactively, you can make sure your organisation doesn’t hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.... MORE>

January 27, 2015 : Tracey Bird

Avoid scandal with good governance

When no news really is good news…... MORE>

December 16, 2014 : Tracey Bird

Help! What should we pay our staff?

Some tips on setting your pay scales so you can pay your staff a fair and competitive wage.... MORE>

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