October 19, 2015 : Jenny Bloomfield

Five things I learnt from #SNP15

After three days of busy conferencing in Aberdeen, Jenny's in reflective mood

SCVO’s policy team held three fringe events at the SNP conference this weekend. Here’s senior policy officer, Jenny Bloomfield, with the inside scoop on how (not) to survive Scotland’s busiest political event.

  1. Caffeine and chocolate is not a healthy diet – we had three fringes on this year including two in the 8.30am slot, but all the coffee and sugar that powered me through has left me with some severe withdrawal symptoms today…
  2. Even if it’s sunny outside, you won’t be able to tell inside the conference hall – next time, I’m taking a UV light with me to top up my ‘daylight’ hours.
  3. I must remember to always take a second pair of shoes. Being on my feet all day talking to charities, politicians and delegates is otherwise painful!
  4. Pop up banners are a total pain in the backside when you’re as small as I am. I knew that anyway, but still…
  5. Having an event with a Minister early in the day is a winning move – then he or she will just keep referring back to your event throughout the rest of their engagements (thanks Mr Swinney).

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by Jenny Bloomfield