August 4, 2015 : Sally Dyson

Google for Nonprofits launch: Hints, tips and food for thought

A recap of the successful launch of Google for Nonprofits in Scotland

Last month’s launch of Google for Non Profits  at SCVO Towers here in Edinburgh was a huge success. So far we know that 42 organisations (with OSCR registrations) have signed up to take advantage of the offer. Let us know if you’re one of them and how it’s benefitting you.

As part of the launch Google’s @Goridigital gave some fabulous hints, tips and food for thought to the audience. Gori has kindly given us the links to all the source materials which we share with you below.

These are of course guides from the Google stable and so are focussed on their products. The messages in them are great, so if Google isn’t what you want to use – I’d still encourage you to read them, take the messages and ideas and find other products which appeal. Watch out later in the ‘summer’ for TFNs ‘Tech Special’.

Best Practice Guides

Google Ad Grants for NonProfit Guides

Google+ for NonProfits

Google NonProfit Research & Stats

YouTube for NonProfits Playbook

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by Sally Dyson