September 23, 2014 : Lynn Williams

The No result and the future of welfare reform

What does last week's referendum result mean for Scottish organisations dealing with the impact of welfare reforms in their communities?

Over the past few months the welfare state and impact of welfare reform were key policy issues in the often heated referendum debate. There were promises on both sides. After the vote in favour of No, we will be looking to work with all political parties to ensure further devolution of welfare policy works for families and communities across the country.

It’s up to the third sector to push hard, to make sure changes do not penalise or hurt families further.

Welfare reform in one way or another is here to stay. Change is coming. It’s up to the third sector to push hard, to make sure changes do not penalise or hurt families further.

Over time, the third sector has built up a convincing – and often disturbing – picture of what’s happening on the ground. For example:

SCVO is also researching the impact of welfare reform on organisations and the people they support, and is moving into the final days of a short survey to help us add to the knowledge we already have. We need you to help us build up a sense of the reality for families and for the charities and voluntary organisations supporting them. It’s the only way that we can influence and change policy.

Your experiences are invaluable – we need your help. Please complete our survey and share it with your own local and personal networks. We are particularly keen to hear the voices of local communities and smaller organisations.

You can find the survey here

As we consider the future of welfare after the referendum, the third sector will continue to lay out what cuts to benefits mean for families and individuals. And SCVO will continue to work with our members and the wider sector to ensure we understand what is happening on the ground when informing Scottish policy making and influencing change.

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by Lynn Williams