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Scottish Charity Awards 2016

Chris Martin

I have shown a clear commitment and vision to ensure young people are at the core of every project, event and service delivered. I have led Callander Youth Project Trust from a small room in McLaren Learning Centre to a large, sustainable organisation offering vital youth work services from our hub in rural Stirlingshire. I have launched a number of social enterprises including the 5-star Callander Hostel and Bridgend Café, and made a commitment to endorse our work through a number of kite marks including Investors in Young People, Green Business Tourism and Living Wage accreditation, all showing my commitment to a fairer Scotland.

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Claire Gillies

I have instigated and developed a wealth of new initiatives at Penicuik Y, including overseeing the rollout of disability, youth, health and sports services; quality graded childcare provision, and the continuation of mentoring services. Together they are making a huge impact to our community. I have been tenacious in the fight for financial sustainability. I have lead by example in motivating and developing my team, going beyond the leadership role to engage heavily in training and development. This allows me to support the team in providing quality programmes and take a leadership role within the national YWCA/YMCA movements.

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Claire Gillies

Disabled Access Day (Euan’s Guide)

Disabled Access Day aims to encourage disabled people to visit somewhere new, whether it’s a coffee shop, museum, sports centre or somewhere else. It’s also an opportunity for venues, businesses and organisations to showcase their accessibility, try something new themselves and engage with new customers. The annual event took place this year on 12th March 2016 across the UK and beyond. Over 10,000 disabled people, their friends and family got involved in the day, taking the opportunity to visit one of the 1,067 venues that took part. The day has grown over four- fold since the pilot in 2015.

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Euan's Guide

Dorothy Buchanan

There is very little Scottish legislation passed since 1986 that I don’t know something about. I love the process of unravelling legislation about peoples’ rights and responsibilities and translating it into language that people can understand. This is my core work. I’ve been told that I am good at what I do, but when you love doing something it isn’t difficult to apply yourself. There is a warm culture at Citizens Advice Scotland that invites people to mix socially, as well as professionally.

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Euan’s Guide

Euan’s Guide is the disabled access review website and app which aims to share the world’s disabled access information. The charity has created an online community where disabled people, and their friends and families can review and share disabled access information about places they have visited. Euan’s Guide now has thousands of places reviewed or listed across Scotland and beyond, helping disabled people access the information they need before visiting somewhere new.

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Friends of Oban Community Playpark

Our aim was to create an exciting and inclusive outdoor active playpark for Oban, a remote, rural town on the west coast of Scotland for children aged 2 – 15 years. With overwhelming support from the local community, the first phase was completed in February 2016. One of our most proud achievements was to raise over 40% of the funds from the local community. Young and old alike have joined in our diverse and sometimes wacky fund raising campaigns, including fish-bombing the town (creating 800+ fabric fish to decorate the sea front). The playpark was even showcased by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as a great example of how community projects can produce inspirational results.

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Glasgow Bike Station (Glasgow Bike Shed Ltd)

Glasgow Bike Station is a bicycle recycling organisation. Proceeds from sales are reinvested into promoting health, teaching new skills such as one-to-one cycle training, providing bicycle maintenance classes, and protecting the environment by promoting cycling as a means of transport. Our team is responsible for maintaining Scotland’s largest bike share scheme. Since we started in 2010, we saved 12,000 bikes from the landfill, more than 5,000 are now back in the community. This year the number of cycle journeys being made into and from Glasgow city centre has increased from 3,012 to 9,255 a day, a rise of 207%!

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Gordon Aikman

Gordon has raised almost £500,000 for Motor Neurone Disease research to help find a cure. He has worked to get the law changed so that any Scot who loses their voice has a right to technology to help them communicate. Gordon successfully lobbied the Scottish Government to give social care workers a pay rise, and generated awareness by telling his story in a moving BBC documentary. He secured 2016 manifesto commitments on MND from the SNP, Labour and Lib Dems. He has also kept MND in the public eye with his emotive columns, and he persuaded Nicola Sturgeon to publicly fund and double the number of MND specialist nurses.

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Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland and GPs at the Deep End

We are reshaping how GP practices respond to distress and health issues in very socio-economically deprived areas. At the heart of this is the role of Community Links Practitioners. They are an integral part of the GP practice team and offer an unconditional, person-centred, pragmatic, problem-solving approach to connect people with resources in their community that can help them. They are also helping the whole GP practice to better understand the bigger picture of why their patients become sick, and to find new ways of responding.

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Jeremy Roebuck

Jeremy has helped lift people out of poverty by supporting over 100 Rwandan entrepreneurs through Grow Movement. He acts as mentor for a Rwandan operations manager, helping devise his personal development plan and guiding him through university scholarship applications. He was also responsible for initiating a Scottish volunteering team, leading to the recruitment of more than 75 new volunteers to the worldwide to the programme. He has also secured funding from the Scottish Government for Malawian entrepreneurs, and devised a Scottish-Malawi partnership programme for Grow Movement.

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John Wheatley Learning Network

The John Wheatley Learning Network is a strategic partnership between Glasgow Kelvin College and the Wheatley Group. It is also an operational partnership involving 27 mainly third sector agencies, supported in Glasgow by the Community Planning Partnership’s North East Learning Programme. It aims to tackle digital and social exclusion by providing core skills learning in 35 learning centres. The network supports communities through drop-in access and capacity building, which increases access to opportunities. Around 7,000 adults and young people benefit each year in being provided with college standard PCs, software, online learning, storage and security.

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Lucy Lintott

I started ‘Lucy’s fight’ as a way to share my battle against Motor Neurone Disease in an honest and frank way. Although being diagnosed with MND is the worse thing, there is still so much you can do, maybe even more than you could before the diagnosis. Sharing my story has allowed me to do some incredible things. I’ve raised over £100,000 for MND Scotland, walked The Speyside Way, scuba dived, flown a plane, spoken to an audience of 1,000…..and I’m still only 21!

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Macmillan Cancer Support and Glasgow Life

The Macmillan Partnership Services has developed eight programmes in Glasgow with a person-centred approach to outcomes that put the person with cancer at the heart of all of the service delivery. We offer holistic needs assessments, benefits advice, physical activity programmes, clothes/wig bank, emotional support financial support and a range of complementary therapies and counselling. Our partnership vision is to improve the cancer journey of patients, carers and family members in Glasgow and has ensured over 20,000 Glaswegians haven’t faced cancer alone.

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Elder Park Ladies

Make Renting Right (Shelter Scotland)

Make Renting Right aimed to galvanise public and stakeholder support around a core set of progressive policy asks to make private renting fair for all and fit for purpose in 21st century Scotland. These policy asks were directly informed by the thousands of people who come to Shelter Scotland each year from the private rented sector seeking help, advice or support. The campaign built a coalition of political and public support for these radical proposals, which in turn helped to deliver the most significant changes to renting in Scotland in a generation. Our success means that, 330,000 Scottish renters, will now have a safe, secure and affordable home for as long as they need it.

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Petra McMillan

Petra (left) started small with craft fairs, a fun run and bake sale. But soon enough her interest in sport led her to organise an abseil down the University of Dundee Tower Building in 2010. This is now an annual event and has raised over £65,000 to date. By bringing like-minded volunteers together, Petra has founded two fundraising groups for Marie Curie in Dundee and Carnoustie, which have raised over £175,000 collectively. She has also completed several physical challenges for Marie Curie including walking the West Highland Way, climbing Ben Nevis and cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia.

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Quarriers (Go4IT Project)

Quarriers Go4IT Service has supported hundreds of adults with disabilities to use and access technology, opening up a new world of communication. Our service has expanded to support more people through clubs, classes and one-to-one home assessment. We have created courses on basic digital skills, using tablets and the internet, with a particular focus on internet safety. Recently, we created an accessible online portal at, and have undertaken a study on the digital divide within Glasgow, which will be released via the Glasgow Digital Participation Workstream in 2016.

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R:evolve Recycle (Lightburn Elderly Association Project)

We aim to get people thinking differently about their clothes, and see them as a tradable resource rather than last season’s rubbish. Our vision is to make swapping and sharing a part of every high street in South Lanarkshire by opening a chain of R:evolve Clothing Swap Shop Boutiques where people can come and share their clothes, time and  knowledge with their local community. We have created a platform where older and younger people come together to share their ideas and skills, and to prove that throw away fashion is so last season!

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LEAP - image 4


Saheliya was set up in 1992 to provide a mental wellbeing service for Black and Ethnic Minority women experiencing mental health issues caused by trauma, and living within oppressive cultural practices including forced marriage, honour based violence, physical, mental and financial abuse and female genital mutilation. Over the past year our 33 multilingual staff, who speak 28 community languages, have worked with 936 women (including asylum seekers and refugees) from 39 different countries. Our wellbeing service and learning centre provide a pathway to improve mental health, develop language and employability skills and support integration into the wider community.

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Sarah Winckless

I have been the Patron of SHA since 2009. As someone with the positive HD gene, I feel it is hugely important to raise awareness of Huntington’s Disease (HD) and increase understanding of the impact it has on people’s lives, not just those diagnosed but their whole families. It is essential that we support young people in HD families to help them fulfil their potential. HD is a disease with no cure. The only certainly is that all the children of a sufferer are at risk – but we cannot allow this to define their lives.

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Scottish Refugee Council

Scottish Refugee Council is the leading refugee charity helping men, women and children escaping persecution, conflict and human rights abuses to rebuild their lives in safety in Scotland. In our 30th anniversary year, we have been at the centre of Scotland’s response to the refugee crisis – the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. We support refugees to access their rights by providing specialist advice and advocacy. We campaign for the fair and humane treatment of people seeking protection and support communities and the media to understand why refugees are in Scotland and the issues they face.

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Shazam Theatre Company

Shazam Theatre Company is a fun, vibrant theatre company that provides arts to the young people of Aberdeen. We run community-based drama groups which are open to all young people in Aberdeen and the surrounding area. We aim to overcome traditional boundaries faced in youth theatre (auditions, high fees and show choices) and develop our participants as performers and individuals. We welcome young people from all backgrounds and levels of experience, and aim to build their confidence, promote team work and forge friendships through drama.

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Silver City Surfers

Silver City Surfers in Aberdeen helps older adults to develop, build confidence and self-learn through digital, ensuring they are not left behind in the rapidly changing online landscape. We offer older adults free access to ongoing digital skills support, technology talks and workshops. We have more than thirty dedicated volunteers reaching over 1000 older people throughout the year. Our activities are participative, empowering and driven by our older learners in a true partnership. We seek to enable older people to lead independent and purposeful lives with the help of digital technology.

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Silver City Surfers

Social Investment Scotland and Asda

Funded through proceeds from the Asda Scottish carrier bag levy, the Asda Social Enterprise Supplier Development Academy’s aim is to mainstream social enterprise as a legitimate and significant provider of retail products. A programme of intensive support and access to senior representatives and buyers of Asda means that Scottish social enterprises have for the first time in the opportunity to scale up their operations and broaden the market for the sale of their goods. 12 social enterprises have been selected and are already receiving support which will culminate in a three-day residential course at Asda House in Leeds during June.

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South Seeds

We’re a group of local people working together to help improve our part of south Glasgow by taking simple steps which add up to make a difference to where we live. We are celebrating this year because we are now five years old and we have left our mark on the Southside. The transformative effect of our work, whether turning derelict land into thriving community gardens or installing double glazing in flats with tenants on a low income, can be seen by everyone. We’ve saved more than 11,000 tonnes of COthrough our actions.

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South Seeds 1

Steven Sweeney

I have led the growth of Aberdeen FC’s partner charity AFCCT as a community asset since July 2014. In this time we have doubled unique participant numbers, trebled the total number of participations and quadrupled employment opportunities. Through innovative partnership approaches I have supported AFCCT to become a dementia friendly community, have challenged stigmas and inequalities, and collaborated with Inverurie Loco Works FC to support them in becoming a community asset for their own locality. My proudest moment to date was when we were named as the ‘Best Professional Football Club in the Community’ at the Scottish FA Grassroots Awards in September 2015.

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Stop the Bus (ENABLE Scotland)

Our aim was clear, we needed changes to be made to ensure people who have learning disabilities have access to bus passes. We created a national campaign, we told the Scottish Government what changes they needed to make, and why it was so important to people who have learning disabilities. They listened… and they made the necessary changes! #StoptheBus was a campaign run by people who have learning disabilities for people who have learning disabilities. We achieved so much with a limited budget, and it was all down to the hard work of all our members.

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The Golden Games Partnership – Aberdeen FC Community Trust, Sport Aberdeen, Aberdeen Sports Village, Aberdeen City Council, NHS Grampian and the Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership

The Golden Games set out in 2011 to address the health inequalities associated with ageing by focusing on fun and friendship, and on what people can do rather than what they can’t. Through our third sector and public sector partnership, we have emphatically achieved its aims. The number of participants is up five-fold in five years, the number of activities is up seven-fold, and the range of venues now spans the whole city. We have challenged public perceptions of what older people can and want to do and by generating interest through the annual Games, we have established year-round opportunities for active ageing.

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The Libertie Project Limited

We are a women-led micro social enterprise and a living wage employer based in Inverness. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to unlock their potential through creativity, which improves well-being and is the key to transforming lives. We provide ceramic and craft workshops for offenders and a digital café for homeless individuals. We also provide online basics and digital life skills to improve employability. Last year we helped 84 beneficiaries, provided 372 creative workshops and totalled 1820 support hours.

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The National Autistic Society Scotland and Harper Macleod LLP

There is an urgent need for families of autistic children to be supported to understand and navigate often complex matters around education. The National Autistic Society Scotland’s Education Rights Service is the country’s only autism-specific education advocacy service, offering free advice on education law, rights and entitlements. Leading law firm Harper Macleod represents families at educational tribunals and supports the service with volunteer training. To date we have managed to reach more than 2,600 families, often achieving life changing results. With the numbers contacting the service increasing year after year it is clear that there is just as much need for the service as there was when it launched a decade ago.

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The Power of ‘Are you Okay?’ (See Me)

The Power of Okay aimed to reverse the trend of fear to talk openly about mental health in work.  Right now because of the thought-provoking campaign individuals all over Scotland and beyond are embracing the power of just asking someone if they are okay and really listening to show they care. We’ve mobilised people who now feel empowered to support each other knowing they are not alone.  New organisations big and small have joined us to end mental health stigma and discrimination in work.

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The Prince’s Trust Scotland

We are a youth charity that exists to change the lives of disadvantaged young people. We work across Scotland, with support from expert delivery partners, to give young people the confidence, skills and experience they need to get into work, training or business. Our highlights over 2015 include supporting more young lives than ever before; a total of 9,000 unemployed young people with 80% moving into a positive outcome. We also moved into our first permanent home, a delivery centre in the heart of Glasgow City Centre and launched Achieve, a new education programme for those struggling to engage in education, which includes a qualification.

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The Southside Association

This year was special for us because we transformed a sad, dirty thoroughfare, shunned by pedestrians, full of bins and rubbish, with graffiti-covered walls, into a beautiful, bright, colourful, open, clean and welcoming space, which is now well used and brings smiles to the faces of people who walk through it. We gave Kate George the brief to design murals to reflect the area and support local businesses. Local volunteers, from art students to those with time on their hands, helped her paint and as a result we all feel we have ownership of our murals.

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Tullochan and West Dunbartonshire Council – Education Services

Tullochan is a youth development charity operating in West Dunbartonshire. We aim to support the most vulnerable young people aged 11-24 to overcome disadvantages and achieve their potential through issue based structured programmes combined with one-to-one support. Our partnership with West Dunbartonshire Council Education Services sees the delivery of a broad range of programmes under the priorities of health and wellbeing, personal development and employability, including SQA qualifications, to provide a pipeline of support to young people throughout their schooling from S1 to S5.

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Woodlands Community Development Trust

We are a small local charity, whose work is having a big impact. Our community garden supports over 50 families to grow their own food and our volunteer training programmes have helped people learn new skills, feel less isolated and further develop the garden as a therapeutic space. Our community café’s inclusive approach has enabled people from diverse backgrounds to work together and restored a sense of community and solidarity. Our innovative approach has demonstrated how providing food to people in need can be an act of social justice rather than charity, helping people to overcome loneliness and isolation as well as tackling poverty and hardship.

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Woodlands cooks