Following George Osborne’s speech proposing that long-term unemployed people will be forced into community service, John Downie, Director of Public Affairs, SCVO said:

“The UK Government must stop this ritual humiliation of unemployed people

“The so-called “Help to Work” programme is only going to make a bad situation worse. The vast majority of unemployed people need and want a real job. Punishing people for something over which they have little control is pointless and damaging.

“We need to see more approaches like Community Jobs Scotland, which has already created more than 3,200 jobs for young unemployed people in charities and third sector organisations across Scotland.

“A forthcoming independent evaluation shows that it’s 14 times more successful at getting people into work than the Work Programme. That’s because it focuses on investing in people, building up their skills and, most importantly, creating real, paid jobs which benefit unemployed people and their communities.”