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Public support and trust in charities is strong in Scotland

Our survey of more than 1,000 people shows high levels of public trust in Scotland’s third sector.

Here’s the headline findings:

82% of people trust charities, and 73% feel confident in making donations.

Infographic showing 82 per cent agree most charities can be trusted. 37% of those gave charities top marks. 73% feel confident donating to charities, but 28 per cent said their trust in charities had decreased in the last year. 41 per cent agree recent media stories have eroded confidence.
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In the last year 9 out of 10 people have supported a charity.

Infographic showing 90 per cent of people in Scotland contributed to a charity in 2015. 77 per cent donated money, 58 per cent donated goods, 62 per cent bought goods, 48 per cent sponsored, 39 per cent campaigned and 30 per cent volunteered

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84% of households in Scotland used a charity last year, while 76% took part in an activity provided by a third sector organisation.

Infographic showing 84 per cent of Scottish households used a charity last year, 76 per cent enjoyed a social activity provided by a charity and 34 per cent were helped in some way by a charity

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