i love charity-lp-banner
What’s going on?

The results of our Ipsos Mori poll are in: the Scottish public loves charities!

We think this is new worth celebrating, so we’ve created the #ILoveCharity campaign to help promote the good and wonderful things charities do in our society.

We want to generate lots of online buzz by sharing positive content about the amazing work of third sector organisations, large and small, all over Scotland.

We’ve made a few social media goodies for you download:

A Twibbon
A header for your Facebook page
A banner for your Twitter profile
An A3 placard
A logo

How do I get involved?

Ask your followers, your supporters and your staff to send a tweet, post on Facebook, write a blog, record a vine – do anything really – just make sure to use #ILoveCharity.

Here’s some ideas to get you going:

  • What makes your charity special?
  • Which charities to you really care about?
    Write it on the placard and share!
  • Take a selfie with your charity chums and colleagues.
  • Or just say why you love charities!

Oh, and don’t be shy – share as many posts as you like!