Community Jobs Scotland brings together a diverse range of employers from across the third sector. Our employers are located throughout Scotland and range from large household name charities to small community groups. What CJS employers have in common is their ability to support young people into employment and improve communities.

93% of supervisors and line managers think CJS is a ‘very good’ or ‘good’ third sector organisation development programme.

Find out if you are eligible to apply to host a CJS job and what support you can expect.

What employers get from CJS

Becoming a Community Jobs Scotland employer has many benefits.

  • A fund of £10,000 available for each completed CJS contract. This is to help cover:
    • employee wage
    • employer’s NI
    • support and supervision
    • induction
    • on-the job training
    • A limited fund is available that can be used to support employers towards paying the Living Wage.
  • Improves the level of service your organisation can deliver
  • Provides mentoring or supervisory experience for existing members of staff
  • Widens the pool of people your organisation would usually recruit from
  • Helps you to demonstrate your commitment to supporting young people

What we’re looking for in a CJS employer

We’re looking for quality employers who care about their staff and have the capacity to mentor someone who is new to the world of work or who needs a bit of extra support.

All our employers must be third sector organisations – this includes charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. Take a look at our organisation eligibility criteria.

Our employers must commit to providing a high quality package of support, including:

  • an induction
  • on-the job training
  • support and supervision
  • job search support
  • an ongoing focus on assisting the individual into lasting employment

To help employers support their CJS employee there is a Training Fund of £200 per CJS employee to assist with identified, additional training costs.

What we’re looking for in a CJS job

We pride ourselves in providing meaningful jobs which support young people into sustainable employment.

A CJS job will:

  • offer a minimum of
    • 25 hours of paid work each week
    • 16 hours per week for young people with disabilities or health issues
  • pay at least:
    • £5.60 for people aged 16-20
    • £7.05 for people aged 21-24
    • £7.50 for people aged 25 -29 yrs
  • last up to
    • 52 weeks for vulnerable 16-29 year-olds
    • 78 weeks for disabled young people in part-time posts (16 hrs)
  • be additional and generate demonstrable community benefit
  • be located in Scotland

Where possible, we encourage our employers to offer more hours and/or a higher wage rate.

Who can apply for a CJS job

CJS jobs are open to young vulnerable unemployed people with a specific focus on care leavers/care experienced, carers, military early service leavers, disabled, and young people with convictions who are new to the world of work or may need a bit of extra support because they face additional barriers.

Eligibility is determined by an individual’s Jobcentre Plus, Skills Development Scotland or Work Choice adviser. Job seekers must have a referral from an adviser before they can apply for a CJS job.

Find out more about employee eligibility criteria.