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Who covers the salary cost of an intern?

The programme will cover:

  • the cost of the intern’s salary at the rate of £7.85 per hour (Living Wage) for Arts and Creative Industries, Digital & Disability Equality Interns
  • the cost of the intern’s salary at the rate of £6.50 per hour (National Minimum Wage rate from 1/10/14) for all Specialist Interns
  • Employers National Insurance contributions paid in relation to the intern’s salary

Please note that any business travel costs, working from home costs, equipment costs, overhead costs are not funded by the programme.

How will this be paid?

When an intern starts and upon receipt of the appropriately, completed Start and Eligibility Referral forms. Payments to the employer will then be made upon receipt of a completed invoice and paperwork detailing the salary paid to employee and employers national insurance contribution. All payments will be made one month in arrears. Each month employers must submit by post an invoice, on letter headed paper, together with the following documentation attached:

  • Employee wage slips
  • Bank statement(s) showing payment to employee or payroll provider which should tie up with BAC payroll analysis
  • BACS payroll analysis – if you have a payroll BACS system, generating one single payment, please enclose this showing breakdown of payments and deductions made to employee – which tie up with bank statements provided and evidence any employers national insurance contribution
  • A note to explain any difference in what you paid the employee and what you are claiming. This will be needed if you pay an employee in excess of the hourly rate funded, or pay expenses


What happens if an organisation is not registered with HMRC – can they still participate?

No. All participating organisations must be registered with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This can be done online at www.hmrc.gov.uk.