A handy checklist of the support, resources, and terms and conditions you can expect from your CJS employer.

All Community Jobs Scotland employers have agreed to provide you with, as a minimum, the following:

  • A job description
  • A contract of employment and letter of appointment, that sets out your job title, place of work, hours of work, your supervisor’s name and your rate of pay
  • Pay slips (on a weekly/ monthly basis depending on your pay cycle) as a record of your pay received, and any deductions e.g.tax or National Insurance contributions.
  • The same conditions of employment as other employees
  • Induction training within 2 weeks of starting your employment that should include:
    • an introduction to the organisation and how you fit into it
    • location of staff facilities
    • your holiday entitlement and how to take leave
    • absence/sickness reporting procedures
    • how your salary will be paid
    • health and safety regulations
    • disciplinary procedures
    • grievance procedures
    • the opportunity to arrange and attend a one-to-one session with the Money Advice Service.
    • ‘What You Need To Know About Your New Job’ leaflet
    • ‘Young Scot Extra’ leaflet
  • A named supervisor who will provide you with day-to-day support
  • Support meetings at least once a month to monitor your progress
  • Any on-the-job training that may be required to enable you carry out your job
  • Access to the CJS Training Fund for additional training
  • A working environment that complies with all current Health and Safety legislation
  • Any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to do your job safely
  • A working environment that is free from discrimination or harassment and protects your dignity
  • A reference on completion of your job
  • An exit interview on completion of your employment
  • Time, resources and support to undertake jobsearch and attend interviews

What to do if you have a problem with your employer

If your employer is not meeting these expectations, you should first try to raise it as an issue with your supervisor or by following your employer’s own grievance procedures.

If your concerns cannot be resolved and you continue to have issues, please contact the Community Jobs Scotland team by phoning the CJS Helpline on 0141 559 5026 or email communityjobsscotland@scvo.org.uk.