This month will we will focus on “Careers A to Z” and “Careers That Match You” in the My World of Work web service.

Deciding on what the right career or job might be is challenging, knowing what the job requirements are, what qualifications you might need, what the pay might be, what conditions would you be working in and many more factors influence someone’s decisions.

Fortunately the Careers A to Z feature in My World of Work can help, so this month we will focus on “Careers A to Z” and “Careers That Match You” in the My World of Work web service.

The Careers A to Z feature allows customers to search through a repository of over 700 job profiles to find in depth information on jobs and careers that might be of interest to them.

The feature allows customers to search:

  • by keyword or phrase

careers-a-z screen grab of website

  • alphabetically by job title

screen grab of alphabetical search

  • or by industry/sector

screen grab of industry search

Each profile has information on:

  • the industry that the job sits in
  • a summary of what the job is
  • indicative average salary information
  • the skills, qualifications, subject and experience requirements for the role
  • articles and/or videos related to the profile

screen grab of career profile page

As well as the job profile information and related articles, if there are any current vacancies or courses that are relevant to the job profile, a selection of these will be displayed alongside the job profile information with links to the Job Search and Course Choices features.

In addition to the summary information the customer can also read further information about this career such as

  • keywords related to the job
  • the work you would undertake
  • the conditions you would be working in
  • how to get into the industry/job

screen grab of career profile page further info

  • the kind of skills, strengths and attributes the job requires
  • training requirements to get into the industry/job
  • addresses for the key industry bodies that relate to the job role

screen grab of career profile page

So, in one place your CJS employee can access rich text and video content about a wide range of job roles that they might be interested in while at the same time being able to see if there are vacancies and courses relevant to the job.

By providing your CJS employee with this information it is hoped that they will be able to make more informed choices about the jobs they are interested in and be more aware of what it takes to get into these jobs and what conditions they would have to work in.

An additional feature of the Careers A to Z tool is the “Careers that match you” tab.  In this tab your CJS employee can view job profiles relevant to them based on information they enter in the “Careers that match you” tab in their My Account section.

In their My Account “Careers that match you” tab we are asking customer to tell us more about themselves such as, jobs they have had or are interested in, skills and strengths they might have, any experience they have or might want to gain and their highest level of qualification (if relevant).

screen grab or careers that match you page

This information in turn drives the resulting job profiles displayed in the “Careers that match you” tab in the Careers A to Z feature, making the results more relevant and personalised to the customer.

screen grab careers that match you results page