This month will we will focus on the Course Choices tool in the My World of Work web service.

As well as looking for their next employment opportunity you might find that your CJS employee is considering further education or training.  My World of Work is full of useful information, advice articles and a comprehensive Course Choices feature that provides users with all National Training Programme and ILA course provision as well as a full set of data for Scotland wide college opportunities and UK wide University provision.

Before using the Course Choices search feature you might suggest that your employee has a look at some of the rich resources of information and advice in  Learn and Train to help them make more informed choices and select a learning or training opportunity that’s right for them.

Ways to learn –

Find out what’s your preferred style of learning, the different options for learning, types of qualifications etc.

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Support in learning

Find out about some of the additional support that can be available for specific needs.

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Find out about funding options available for various types of training.

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College & Uni

Find out everything from applying to graduating college and university, with everything in between.

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Course Choices search tool

Similar to the Job Search feature the Course Choices tool allows you to search by course title/keyword, geographic location and distance as well as additional search criteria for opportunities for 16-19 year olds and distance learning courses.  If someone wanted to see what a specific learning provider offered then they could use the provider name with no other search criteria and they will see a list  of all the opportunities that provider offers.

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Once you have entered their search criteria and click on the search button, you will see a screen with a spinning icon.  This is to let the user know that their search is actively underway and your results will appear shortly.

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Once the results are returned the user is presented with all possible results in an unfiltered list, however, using the tabs that run across the top of the results displayed you could limit views to colleges, universities, Modern Apprenticeships and SDS Individual Learning Account provision.  In addition the user also has a number of other filters on the left hand navigation column that allows result filters by; qualification level, hours of attendance, geographic region, start dates and cost.  Using these filters along with the tabs at the top of the results means that the user can narrow down results that are best suited to them which minimises the final set of results for them to look at in detail.

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Once a course is chosen to look at in detail, a pop up window will appear that provides a full set of information on that option and as well as providing the relevant contact details they will also be able to see where the provider is located using googlemaps.

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As well as the googlemaps functionality to show the user where the provider is located, if they are logged onto the service they will also be able to use the google journey planner function of googlemaps which will show the user how to get from their home address to the providers location.

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As well as learning or training your CJS employee might also consider volunteering to help build evidence for their CV.

My World of Work offers a range of useful information about volunteering and the benefits of doing this.

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As well as loads of useful information about volunteering, My World of Work has an excellent Volunteering Search tool that helps users identify volunteering opportunities that best suit them.  If they are unsure of the kinds of opportunities available and don’t have something specific in mind there are a couple of drop down menus on the search tool that lets them see some of the different types of opportunities available such as Types of Activity and Issues/causes/client groups.

The user can specify where they would geographically like to volunteer and how far from there they are able to travel as well as specifying when they are able to volunteer, all of which help limit the search results to those that are most relevant and specific for an individual.

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Similarly to both the Job and Course search features, the user can enter their desired search criteria and they will be presented with a set of results that best fit what they are looking for.

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Once they select an opportunity to look at in detail, they will be able to see the full range of information about that opportunity and also be presented with contact information and links if they wish to apply for that opportunity through their local Volunteering Centre.

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