This month we are focusing on job hunting using the My World of Work web service.

Once your CJS employee has decided on a career that suits them, and they’ve drafted and developed their CV, it might be a good time to start looking for job opportunities and applying for them.

The My World of Work Job Search feature has a live feed from the Jobcentre Plus vacancies hosted on which means that the moment a new vacancy is posted on the JC+ service it will be live on My World of Work.

Searching for job vacancies couldn’t be easier.  The feature allows customers to search by job title, location and within the distance they are prepared to travel.  In addition your CJS employee can also specify what kind of contract type they are interested in and whether they would prefer full-time or part-time work.

As well as the job search feature on the service customers can also access a wide range of information and advice to support their job search activity in the job hunting section.

My World of Work – Job Hunting pages

1-get a job

Okay, let’s have a look at two key features of the service that support customers to find both jobs and Modern Apprenticeship vacancies and opportunities.

Once logged in, the customer can access the Job Search feature from the My Toolkit carousel on the home page or through the shortcut that appears at the foot of every page in the service.

2-here to help you

On the Job Search landing page your CJS employee can search for vacancies based on job title, where they want to work and how far they are willing to travel as well as defining contract type and/or hours of work.

3-job search

After entering their chosen search options the customer will be presented with a list of available relevant jobs.  The job at the top of the list will be the one most recently posted on the service. As you move down the list of vacancies, closer the closing dates are.

4-job search

If your CJS employee sees a vacancy on the list that interests them, by clicking on the job title they will be presented with more details about that specific job.


If they are interested in taking their possible application further, they can get more information on how to apply either using the Apply Now links at the top right or bottom left of the vacancy information.  There are three ways that a customer might be able to apply which are dictated by the employer posting the vacancy.  The “How to apply” boxes will either have:

  • A phone number
  • An e-mail address
  • a link to an external web service where they can continue the application process (example below)


Modern Apprenticeships

As well as the general job search function, My World of Work also provides prospective employees with access to information and advice about Modern Apprenticeships available across Scotland and a Modern Apprenticeship Job Search.



Similar to the Job Search feature, prospective apprentices can limit their search to MA opportunities by entering the search term Modern Apprenticeship along with their chosen job title in the “Job title” field.

9-job search

10-job search

If your CJS employee enters the search term Modern Apprenticeship, without a specific job title, they will be presented with a list of all MAs available within their chosen search area.

As with the general Job Search feature, if the customer wants to see more information about a specific opportunity, they can click on the job title in the list and be presented with more information about the opportunity and the necessary information required to progress with an application.

Like the general feature, this could be a telephone number, e-mail address or link to a third party web service.