My World of Work is an online careers service. It’s got lots of handy information, advice and tools to help people discover what the best career opportunities are for them based on their skills, experience and education.

It is the perfect place for your CJS employee to start building their professional profile.

Whether your employee is

My World of Work can help with up-to-date information, advice and tools to help them make the best decisions for their future.

It also has information on Scotland’s job market, including what employers are looking for, where the jobs are and what it takes to get the job they want.

Explore the My World of Work toolkit

My Account

Create an account and get started

Careers A-Z

An extensive list of career options


A self-discovery quiz

My Strengths

Create a personalised strengths report


Step-by-step instructions on building a CV

Job Search

Search job vacancies and other opportunities

My Interview

Interactive tool for improving interview skills

Course Choices

Look for learning and training opportunities