My World of Work is an online careers service form Skills Development Scotland, which includes a toolkit to help jobseekers to identify their skills, brush up their CV and build interview skills. As a CJS employer you are responsible for encouraging your employees to use the website and setting aside some time to help them through the tasks.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on helping your employee to make the most of the website. The resources will be published on a monthly basis for the next 6 months.

Registering on My World of Work

Customers should go to the login/register area and complete the registration form. Once they have entered their details they should click on the register button, at the bottom of the form, at which point they will be taken to a welcome screen and message.

Once in “My Account” customers can:

  • edit their details and add in more information about themselves
  • change their security questions and answers
  • change their password or e-mail address
  • tell us a bit more about themselves to help us provide a more personalised service
  • connect their account with their Facebook account

My strengths

At the end of this module, users will find out what makes them tick and get a personalised strengths report packed full of information on all the things that they are great at.

Step 1

Make sure the employee is logged into My World of Work.

Step 2

Click on the My Strengths button in the toolkit section.

My strengths home

Step 3

Get your employee to take the quiz.

What are you good at screen

Your employee can use My Strengths to find out what kind of jobs or subjects they might be suited to.

There are three sections within the tool:

  • How well I do things
  • How often I do things
  • How much I enjoy things

In each section, they will be asked to rate a series of statements based on how much they agree or disagree with them.

How well I do things

Try to encourage your employee to answer as honestly as possible. Don’t worry if they’re unsure – just get them to go with their gut reaction.

If your employee doesn’t want to complete the quiz at one sitting they can save and exit at any point and when they return to the tool they will be able to “continue the quiz” which will take them to the question they exited at during the previous session.

When they’ve completed My Strengths, they’ll get their strengths results. This gives them a list of the strengths they use most often, and the ones they have but use less often.

My strengths results

They will also be given suggestions for subjects, jobs and leisure activities which might suit them.

At the bottom of their results they will find their employability report.  This shows how their strengths relate to key employability aspects such as positive attitude, ability to self-manage, approach to teamwork and problem solving, awareness of business and customer needs and how enterprising they can be.

Their report will be saved in their account, so whenever they log into My World of Work and visit My Strengths, they will see a ‘View your results’ option. They can also download a PDF version of their report.

They can also choose to retake My Strengths at any time. If they want to keep your old results report, remind them to download the PDF version before they click ‘Retake the quiz’.

Step 4

Now that your employee has completed their My Strengths quiz they can start to review their report and identify what parts of it they could use to inform their CV.

Looking at the example above they might want to consider highlighting their “eye for detail and getting things right”.

Their report will be filled with useful suggestions and descriptions that will help your employee develop their CV and start to think about their next steps in employment.