What employers get from the Disability Equality Internship Programme

Becoming an DEIP employer has many benefits:

  • a fund of £4082.90 available per internship to cover the employees wage & employer national insurance contributions
  • can provide mentoring or supervisory experience for existing members of staff
  • the opportunity to have a specific piece of work undertaken that would not otherwise be done
  • access to a highly motivated pool of people, bringing new ideas and new thinking to their organisation
  • access to support and resources from the Disability Equality Internship programme team at all times, before and during the internship, this includes guidance and support on accessibility and reasonable adjustment requirements.

What we’re looking for in an Disability Equality Internship Programme employer

We’re looking for employers who care about their staff and have the capacity to mentor someone who may be new to the world of work.

All our employers must be third sector organisations – this includes charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. Take a look at our organisation eligibility criteria.

Our employers must commit to providing a high quality package of support, including:

  • an induction
  • on-the job training
  • support and supervision

What we’re looking for in an Disability Equality Internship opportunity

This programme will offer internships:

  • based around a discrete piece of work with a specific focus that is of value to the organisation, rather than a more general role within the organisation.
  • based around 455 hours, with weekly hours based around reasonable adjustment needs and paid at £8.45 per hour.
  • the intern will be employed directly by the organisation and subject to their policies and procedures.
  • that provide a range of additional support to the intern to improve the quality of the opportunity, including induction, regular support and supervision and provision of a reference.
  • where each intern will be provided with a job title and clearly defined role. This role should give the intern the opportunity to produce work independently and hold responsibilities within the organisation.
  • that allow the intern to develop existing skills and acquire new ones in order to enhance their career prospects.
  • across Scotland and aim to be across a range of occupational sectors including social care, conservation, community recycling, sports, creative industries, youth work, housing, etc.

Who can apply for an DEIP internship?

All Disability Equality Internship opportunities are open to people who:

  • define as disabled under the Equality Act 2010 which defines disability as: someone who has a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities
  • are unemployed or under employed