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UK Government welfare reforms are already devastating families and communities across Scotland. The impact of these cuts is affecting the work of many third sector organisations and its forecast that the worst is still to come.

The story so far

  • 63% of charities and third sector organisations in Scotland will be affected
  • Three quarters of charities expect demand for services to increase significantly over the next year
  • 81% of third sector organisations expect the financial situation for the sector to worsen in the next 10 months

Taking it on

From mitigating the effects to creating visions about how to do things differently, the third sector will play a critical role in tackling welfare reform.

SCVO is working with the sector to share experiences and ideas as well as identify practical areas of collaboration.

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Third sector welfare support organisations

Find the right charity or voluntary organisation to help people needing welfare support using a powerful new database.  

Get Involved is a database of over 40,000 charity, community and voluntary organisations in Scotland. It can help you find the right organisation and support for people accessing the Scottish Welfare Fund.

Searching using the term “welfare support” in the key word box will provide a list of organisations that can provide support. This can be refined further using the location or activities criteria.Get Involved logo

Search for a support organisation >>> 

Welfare reform training

Do your staff and volunteers need help to keep up with changes to the benefits system and the impact that is having on your clients?

We’ve put together a list of third sector organisations delivering training around welfare reform issues.

Search for a training provider >>>

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