Specialist training on the impact of welfare reform is available from the following organisations:

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG)

CPAG’s experience in the welfare rights field is unrivalled and this is reflected in the quality of their training. Their courses cover all aspects of welfare benefits, tax credits, the welfare rights system and universal credit.

One Parent Families Scotland

One Parent Families Scotland has a long track record of providing training to the statutory and voluntary sectors and to lone parent groups. Courses offered include welfare reform, universal credit and tax credits. Tailored training is provided on request and can be delivered in your area for your convenience. Participants also have access to our telephone information line for follow-up support.

Citizens Advice Scotland

CAS has partnered with a range of Scottish and UK organisations to produce high quality e-learning materials. CAS e-learning is produced primarily to support our bureau advisers. However, they have produced e-learning on commission or as part of partnership projects. Their focus in working with other agencies is to provide low cost e-learning for organisations with similar aims and objectives to Citizens Advice Scotland.

Money Advice Scotland

Money Advice Scotland can tailor money advice training courses to suit the needs of your organisation. They also run CPD courses throughout the year and Wiseradvisor training.

Shelter Scotland

Shelter Scotland offers training on housing law, welfare reform and skills relevant to the housing and voluntary sector. They use e-learning, face to face training at your venue or theirs, or design a blend of both to suit you.

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  • Local authorities across Scotland have been running welfare reform training and in some cases, offering this out to local third sector organisations.  Most local authorities have welfare reform leads – councillors and officials.  They may also have welfare reform advisory groups, financial advice and others networks which you can join in order to keep up to date with benefit changes.
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