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Acceptable content

We welcome discussion and comment on thoughts and opinions raised by SCVO content.

We encourage healthy discussion about issues that matter to you and accept that the blogs are likely to provoke different points of view.

Unacceptable content

We cannot allow:

  • swearing – no swear words will be tolerated on the site and messages will be removed if they are found to contain such words.
  • posting libellous or malicious material – we will not hesitate to remove any messages that it believes may contain libellous content.
  • distributing information on behalf of a political party – the forum is not an arena for promoting the ideals and objectives of any political party.
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  • revealing the name or contact details of individuals who would otherwise prefer to remain anonymous.
  • promoting groups, organisations or commercial ventures – it is not an advertising board.
  • impersonating or falsely claiming to represent a member of staff, an organisation or another individual.

Approving messages

The moderator screens all messages before publishing and will edit/remove any that fit the descriptions above. Editing/approval is at the moderator’s discretion and the moderator’s decision is final. In becoming a forum contributor, individuals are asked to acknowledge and accept this.