• Would your staff benefit from an easy, ethical way to borrow money?
  • We can offer your staff and their families:
  • easy ways to save
  • low-cost loans
  • payroll deduction
  • quick bank transfers

What are the benefits for me as an employer?

SCVO Credit Union membership, especially with payroll deduction, is an employee benefit that could help you recruit and retain staff.

We’re aware of the strategic importance volunteers play in third sector organisations so we accredit them with the same Credit Union benefits as your staff.

There’s no employer liability and all administration procedures are kept to a minimum.

Joining the Credit Union helps staff refrain from using payday lenders – this can help avoid debt worries which could affect their work.

What are the benefits for my staff?

Credit Union membership provides an easy way for people to save through payroll deduction.

It’s a great way to educate members in financial management and your employees have access to low-cost financial services.

Salary increases can be used by members to increase their contributions to the Credit Union

What would I need to do if we went ahead with payroll deductions?

  • allocate someone from your payroll or HR team to coordinate the payroll deduction facility
  • deduct the specified amount from each employee’s salary
  • forward the funds on the specified dates
  • provide a schedule of all payroll deductions to accompany remittances and notifications of those employees who leave your employment.