step 1 - get startedstep 2 - make a planstep 3 - decide on membershipstep 4 - decide on charitable statusstep 5 - consider the risksstep 6 - decide on a structurestep 7 - write your constitutionstep 8 - next steps
The constitution should set out clearly the main objects of your organisation. If applying for charitable status, then your objects will have to incorporate terminology from the list of charitable purposes set out in section 7 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. There will also be a need to show OSCR that the ‘public benefit test’ is satisfied. More detailed guidance on this is available from OSCR.

Whether or not charitable status is being pursued, the objects clause has two main aspects. It guides future boards in relation to the range of activities which the organisation should pursue, and it identifies for those dealing with the organisation what the organisation is set up to do. This could include people considering whether to join as members, and importantly, bodies which are considering if they will provide funding.

Look at the objects clauses of other bodies operating in a similar field if you need some guidance, but remember that it is very important that the wording which is used in your constitution does accurately reflect the aims and activities which your organisation will be pursuing in practice.